Janne Järvinen

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A prototype for a new noise helmet was developed because high noise levels were not sufficiently attenuated by commercially available helmets. The new helmet was designed to be tight, especially in the area of the throat and face, and to cover the entire head. The noise attenuation properties of the new helmet were tested against pink noise in an anechoic(More)
QIP Analyze Package Characterize Execute GQM Derive measurement plan and integrate it into project plan Collect data and provide project guidance Package analysis results into reusable models Determine measurement goals and derive related measures via questions Characterize project/organi-zation and identify relevant models to be reused Goal definition(More)
The success of most software companies depends largely on software product quality. High product quality is usually a result of advanced software development processes. Hence, improvement actions should be selected based on sound knowledge about the dependencies between software product quality attributes and software development processes. This article(More)