Janne Järvinen

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A swift execution from idea to market has become a key competitive advantage for software companies to enable them to survive and grow in turbulent business environments. To combat this challenge, companies are using hackathons. A hackathon is a highly engaging, continuous event in which people in small groups produce working software prototypes in a(More)
A hackathon (hacking marathon) is an event to innovate and develop prototypes, typically lasting at most a few days. Despite several innovations having been reported resulting from hackathons and the increasing popularity of hackathons, results about, organizing of, and experiences regarding hackathons have been scarcely reported. We studied a hackathon as(More)
Many success stories have been reported on specific effects of measurement. But little is known about the multiple interactions of measurement programmes with the business environment of a software organisation. This paper summarises industrial experiences with the Goal/Question/Metric (GQM) approach to software engineering measurement. They are based on(More)
The success of most software companies depends largely on software product quality. High product quality is usually a result of advanced software development processes. Hence, improvement actions should be selected based on sound knowledge about the dependencies between software product quality attributes and software development processes. This article(More)