Janne Ilvonen

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This paper deals with the effect of the user’s hands on the performance of lower UHF-band antennas in handheld terminals. It is studied that how the input impedance, efficiency, and farfield directional pattern of the internal broadband digital television antenna are affected by the presence of the user’s hands. The main part of the study has been carried(More)
In this paper, compensation of the effect of the user's finger on the operation of a mobile terminal antenna is studied, using antenna selection as the compensation method. A dual-element antenna is compared with a single-element antenna occupying the same total antenna volume. The results show that antenna selection can provide an improvement of at least 2(More)
Aalto University, P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 Aalto www.aalto.fi Author Janne Ilvonen Name of the doctoral dissertation Multiband and environment insensitive handset antennas Publisher School of Electrical Engineering Unit Department of Radio Science and Engineering Series Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS 184/2014 Field of research(More)
In this letter, it is shown how the behavior of a capacitive coupling element (CCE)-based mobile terminal antenna can be modeled at the UHF band as a combination of the separate wavemodes of the structure. The proposed equivalent circuit model improves the general understanding of the operation of the antenna structure. It can be used for analyzing the(More)
In this letter, it is shown that inverted-top wavetraps, which are quarter-wavelength-long resonators, can be used to control the near-fields of a mobile terminal antenna. The local reduction of the near-fields is especially important for the operation of the hearing aid of the user. The reshaping of the near-fields may also enable reduced specific(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive simulation study on the performance of broadband coupling-element-based multiantenna structures on a mobile terminal at the 2000 MHz Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) frequency band with varying two significant hand effects; vertical position of hand along terminal chassis, and distance between hand palm(More)
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