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Genomewide studies and localized candidate gene approaches have become everyday study designs for identifying polymorphisms in genes that influence complex human traits. Yet, in general, the number of significant findings and the need to focus on smaller regions require a prioritization of genes for further study. Some candidate gene identification(More)
Adrenocortical dysplasia (acd) is a spontaneous autosomal recessive mouse mutant with developmental defects in organs derived from the urogenital ridge. In surviving adult mutants, adrenocortical dysplasia and hypofunction are predominant features. Adults are infertile due to lack of mature germ cells, and 50% develop hydronephrosis due to ureteral(More)
The identification of molecular target and mechanism of action of compounds is a key hurdle in drug discovery. Multiplexed techniques for bead-based expression profiling allow the measurement of transcriptional signatures of compound-treated cells in high-throughput mode. Such profiles can be used to gain insight into compounds' mode of action and the(More)
While there exists a wealth of information about genetic influences on gene expression, less is known about how inherited variation influences the expression and post-translational modifications of proteins, especially those involved in intracellular signaling. The PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway contains several such proteins that have been implicated in a(More)
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