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Gene-expression data are often used to infer pathways regulating transcriptional responses. For example, differentially expressed genes (DEGs) induced by compound treatment can help characterize hits from phenotypic screens, either by correlation with known drug signatures or by pathway enrichment. Pathway enrichment is, however, typically computed with(More)
Screens using high-throughput, information-rich technologies such as microarrays, high-content screening (HCS), and next-generation sequencing (NGS) have become increasingly widespread. Compared with single-readout assays, these methods produce a more comprehensive picture of the effects of screened treatments. However, interpreting such multidimensional(More)
The identification of molecular target and mechanism of action of compounds is a key hurdle in drug discovery. Multiplexed techniques for bead-based expression profiling allow the measurement of transcriptional signatures of compound-treated cells in high-throughput mode. Such profiles can be used to gain insight into compounds' mode of action and the(More)
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