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Conflicts of interest between physicians' commitment to patient care and the desire of pharmaceutical companies and their representatives to sell their products pose challenges to the principles of medical professionalism. These conflicts occur when physicians have motives or are in situations for which reasonable observers could conclude that the moral(More)
  • Roger C Herdman, Margret Amatayakul, John Fanning, Diane Fulton, Elmer Gabrieli, Janlori Goldman +59 others
  • 1993
Foreword T he Clinton administration's health care reform proposal, announced by the President on September 22, 1993, places substantial reliance on telecommunications and information technology to reduce costs and improve health care delivery. By linking computerized health information through a national network, the proposal envisions a system that would(More)
Our task in this Symposium is to place Loving v. Virginia 1 in a contemporary context: to interpret, if not reinterpret, its meaning in light of the settings in which race, sexuality, and intimacy are being negotiated and renegotiated today. So we might ask, in what way are Mildred and Richard Loving role models for us today? How, if at all, does the legal(More)
  • Katherine Franke, Lila Abu-Lughod, Lauren Berlant, Mary Anne Case, Ariela Dubler, Aeyal Gross +8 others
  • 2012
a masked man dressed in black carrying an automatic weapon stormed into Beit Pazi in Tel Aviv, the home of the Aguda, the National Association of GLBT in Israel. 1 He opened fire on a group of gay and lesbian teenagers who were meeting in the basement for " Bar-Noar, " or " Youth Bar, " killing two people and wounding at least ten others. 2 This terrible(More)
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