Janko Kokošar

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An accurate prediction of the core losses is crucial for the optimal design and selection of the electrical steels used in electrical devices. The measured specific core losses are divided into three main parts, i.e., the eddy-current loss, the hysteresis loss, and the excess loss. In this paper, a simplified, predictive model for the core loss in a(More)
The story is a mix of futurology, science fiction, new technical ideas, science, science ideas of author [1, 2, 3, 4], and philosophy. The style is similar as in the paper of Makela [5]. On an example of crisis of overpopulated human species in future, it is described how to develop a theory of everything, how to give more sense to amateur science, and how(More)
As first, a mechanism how quantum coherence in the brain can last long enough is shown. This mechanism is based on very light elementary particles. Then the arguments follow as why consciousness should be a quantum phenomenon and how such an introduction of quantum consciousness modifies the formalism of quantum mechanics. This can also be tested by an(More)
A new view on quantum gravity is presented, among others a new step toward quantization of gravity is presented. A model is also developed, where the elementary particles are black holes. This disagrees with the Higgs mechanism. An explanation is also shown why three space dimensions exist, and what is uncertainty of masses of black holes. A new view on(More)
Extraordinary mathematicality of physics is also shown by dimensionlessness of Planck spacetime and mass. At the same time the Planck granularity of spacetime also shows that physics can be simulated by a binary computer. So physics is informational. But mathematics is not everything in physics, consciousness cannot be solely explained by mathematics. The(More)
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