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Institutions, cooperation, and hegemony: a comparative analysis of Russia’s cooperative hegemonic strategy in Central Asia’s key institutional frameworks
Since the 2000s, Russia intensified its relations with the Central Asia. This is particularly visible in the increased institutionalization of the cooperation. This paper argues that regional regim...
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Unwanted Conflict? The Analysis of the Impact of Misperception, Beliefs and Psychology of President Nasser at the Outbreak of the Six Day War
The Six Day War was one of the most defining moments in the history of the Modern Middle East. This paper seeks to add to the existing scholarship on the subject by going beyond the structural expl...
Looking Back at the 1953 Coup in Iran: Structural- and Unit-Level Views
The 1953 Coup d’état in Iran dramatically changed the course of history of that country. It represented not only a blatant violation of the sovereignty of Iran and the freedom of the Iranian peopleExpand
David Lloyd George and the Balfour Declaration: Assessing the Role of Individuals in Historic Policy Making
AbstractThe 1917 Balfour Declaration remains one of the most controversial policy statements of the wartime British Government. Historically it has been praised as the highest diplomatic act of theExpand