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Eponymous Heroes and Protagonists –
Within literary studies, there is a coexistence of di erent perspectives on protagonists, heroes or main characters in dramatic texts, which provide di erent de nitions and strategies for the identiExpand
A Unified Text Annotation Workflow for Diverse Goals
In computational linguistics (CL), annotation is used with the goal of compiling data as the basis for machine learning approaches and automation. At the same time, in the Humanities scholars useExpand
GerDraCor-Coref: A Coreference Corpus for Dramatic Texts in German
We present an annotated corpus of German dramatic texts, a preliminary analysis of the corpus as well as some baseline experiments on automatic CR. Expand
Towards Bridging Resolution in German: Data Analysis and Rule-based Experiments
We present two datasets which contain bridging annotations, namely DIRNDL and GRAIN, and compare the performance of a rule-based system with a simple baseline approach on these two corpora. Expand
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Detecting Protagonists in German Plays around 1800 as a Classification Task
In this paper, we aim at identifying protagonists in plays automatically. To this end, we train a classifier using various features and investigate the importance of each feature. A challengingExpand
Measuring the compositionality of noun-noun compounds over time
We present work in progress on the temporal progression of compositionality in noun-noun compounds. Expand
Detecting Protagonists and Title Figures in Plays