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The observation that glucocorticoids increase the abundance of apolipoprotein A-I led us to a search for potential underlying mechanism(s). In this report, we show that the synthetic glucocorticoid, dexamethasone, injected into rats increases serum levels of apoA-I protein, hepatic mRNA and "run-on' transcription of the gene by 3-, 5-, and 2-fold,(More)
Current best evidence-based practice for children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) attempts to achieve good clinical outcomes through careful management of comorbidities and is likely best achieved with a multidisciplinary care (MDC) CKD clinic. In this retrospective study of children with CKD in British Columbia, Canada, we analyzed clinical outcomes in a(More)
Advances in the ability to identify, evaluate, and care for infants with hypertension, coupled with advances in the practice of Neonatology, have led to an increased awareness of hypertension in modern neonatal intensive care units. This review will present updated data on blood pressure values in neonates, with a focus on the changes that occur over the(More)
OBJECTIVES Disturbances of blood pressure (BP) rhythms have been demonstrated in patients with various degrees of renal impairment. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of BP abnormalities in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and evaluate possible factors associated with nocturnal BP abnormalities. METHODS 42 children between(More)
Due to technological advances, an increasing number of infants and children are surviving with multi-organ system dysfunction, and some are reaching end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Many have quite limited life expectancies and may not be eligible for kidney transplantation but families request dialysis as alternative. In developed countries where resources(More)
Studies in children with chronic kidney disease indicate a high prevalence of masked hypertension detected by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). However, it is not well known if the frequency of masked hypertension is related to the level of normal casual blood pressure (BP). We hypothesized that lower levels of normal casual BP are associated(More)
Hypertension Canada's Canadian Hypertension Education Program Guidelines Task Force provides annually updated, evidence-based recommendations to guide the diagnosis, assessment, prevention, and treatment of hypertension. This year, we present 4 new recommendations, as well as revisions to 2 previous recommendations. In the diagnosis and assessment of(More)
BACKGROUND Whole-exome sequencing has transformed gene discovery and diagnosis in rare diseases. Translation into disease-modifying treatments is challenging, particularly for intellectual developmental disorder. However, the exception is inborn errors of metabolism, since many of these disorders are responsive to therapy that targets pathophysiological(More)
Oestrogens protect against ischaemic heart disease in the post-menopausal female by increasing serum concentrations of apolipoprotein (apo) AI and the abundance of high-density lipoprotein particles. In men and experimental male animals, the administration of oestrogen has variable effects on apo AI expression. As the major mode of oestrogen action on(More)
Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) have been implicated in normal mammalian kidney development. To confirm a role for the IGF system in podocyte and glomerular integrity, we generated a transgenic mouse that expresses a dominant-negative type 1 IGF receptor (IGF-IR) and determined the structural and functional consequences. Using a 4.25kb fragment of the(More)