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A 1.3 GHz 0.5 /spl mu/m BiCMOS offset PLL realizes -132 dBc/Hz in-band phase noise while reducing re-radiated transmission by 53 dB. The circuit operates without an offset signal. Elements include digital phase detector with steering operating to 1.3 GHz and digital frequency divider with programmable modulus from 1 to 1.5 in steps of 0.03125. Current is 10(More)
Risk assessment for power transformers has long been an effective tool to analyze transformer conditions in order to prevent damage on transformers, extend transformer's life time and reduce maintenance costs. Various parameters can be evaluated, and decision can be made manually or with the help of mathematical model. A new mathematical risk-assessment(More)
Technical condition of large power transformers has large impact on reliability of a power system since they are the connection points for generators and distribution system. Power transformers can experience various faults that can disrupt their reliable operation such as mechanical defects caused by magnetostriction or electrodynamic forces.(More)
Large power transformers are an important component of the power system, because mainly they are the connecting points between generators, transmission system and distribution system. Although transformers are considered as electrical devices with high operation reliability, various faults can occur due to internal or external causes. Mechanical defects(More)
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