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Vigabatrin (gamma-vinyl GABA) is an antiepileptic drug and blocks GABA transaminase activity resulting in elevations in cellular GABA levels in the brain. Nipecotic acid (NPA) promotes release of GABA from neonatal optic nerve astrocytes, resulting in a bicuculline-sensitive depolarization of the optic nerve axons. The NPA-induced depolarization of(More)
DNA damage slows DNA synthesis at replication forks; however, the mechanisms remain unclear. Cdc7 kinase is required for replication origin activation, is a target of the intra-S checkpoint, and is implicated in the response to replication fork stress. Remarkably, we found that replication forks proceed more rapidly in cells lacking Cdc7 function than in(More)
The functional response is the most basic form of the predator-prey interaction. There are three main response types: a linear rise in prey consumption with increasing prey densities to a plateau (type I), a decelerating curvilinear rise to a plateau (type II), or a sigmoidal shaped curve (type III). Type III responses have been shown to allow for long-term(More)
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