Janis L Cutler

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OBJECTIVE This study describes medical students' perceptions of the field of psychiatry and identifies the impact of those perceptions on their career choices in order to explore the questions: Are we as a field doing all that we can to enhance the educational experience of all medical students, regardless of their career preferences? What are the most(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors designed an intervention to reduce beginning medical students' stigmatization of people with chronic mental illness (CMI). METHODS Pre-clinical medical students visited a state psychiatric facility's "Living Museum," a combination patient art studio/display space, as the intervention. During the visit, students interacted with(More)
People with mental illness around the world continue to suffer from stigmatization and limited care. Previous studies utilizing self-report questionnaires indicate that many medical students regard clinical work with psychiatric patients as unappealing, while the professionalism literature has documented a general decline in students' capacity for empathy(More)
Approximately one quarter of a series of 45 schizophrenic and schizoaffective patients with operationally diagnosed episodes of postpsychotic depression were also found to have anxiety symptoms consistent with the panic-attack syndrome. The incidence of such attacks was distributed across all demographic groups. Heuristic and treatment implications of this(More)
A sample of residents of a retirement community was investigated for symptoms and signs thought to be premonitory of stroke, as the initial step in a study of factors that predict the occurrence of stroke. Persons who had experienced a prior stroke reported a number of symptoms more frequently than did persons who had not had a stroke. The stroke group had(More)