Janis Bicans

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The 75 kidney transplant operations (32.6 per million population per year) and 2 heart transplant operations were performed in 2006 in Latvia. This represents a slight decrease of 3% compared to 2005. 86 kidneys were procured from 43 deceased donors. There were 46% donors with brain death and 54% non-heart-beating donors among them. During last decade the(More)
INTRODUCTION Delayed renal graft function (DGF) is associated with various factors and with a higher complication rate in the posttransplant period. Determination of center-specific risk factors may help to reduce the incidence of DGF and improve transplantation results. The aim of this study was to define risk factors for the development of DGF after renal(More)
Over the last decade, researchers are investigating the potential of the educational paradigm shift from the traditional “one-size-fits all” teaching approach to an adaptive and more personalized study process. Availability of fast mobile connections along with the portative handheld device evolution, like phones and tablets, enable teachers and learners to(More)
Traditional modular architecture of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) does not provide sufficient modularity of complex ITSs. Distributed technologies like services and agents are used to increase modularity of ITSs by implementing traditional modules as sets of services or agents. The paper describes holonic agent architecture that implements each module(More)