Janine Mawad

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PURPOSE To evaluate the long-term histologic changes, including those in the ultrastructure of the neoendothelium, occurring in experimental canine aneurysms obliterated with Guglielmi detachable coils. METHODS Ten experimental aneurysms were surgically created in mongrel dogs using side-to-side jugular carotid fistulas that were subsequently ligated to(More)
Three cases of heterologous sarcomas of the uterus are presented. Two were mixed tumors; one was a lipoleiomyosarcoma; and one was an osteogenic sarcoma with leiomyosarcoma. The third was a rhabdomyosarcoma. These tumors are believed to behave more aggressively than mixed mesodermal tumors. Six months after initial diagnosis, the lipolieomyosarcoma had(More)
We report a case of Fanconi's syndrome associated with multiple myeloma, which displayed some unusual features. Although serum immunoelectrophoresis showed no spike, urine electrophoresis revealed monoclonal kappa light chain. The myeloma cells in multiple organs including bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and kidneys were distended with characteristic(More)
Small round cell tumors involving bone can present problems in differential diagnosis by light microscopy. In exploring the role of electron microscopy in this situation, seven small cell osteosarcomas and seven mesenchymal chondrosarcomas were examined by electron microscopy and compared with typical and atypical Ewing's sarcomas. There is much overlap in(More)
Glomerular lesions are frequently seen in renal allografts and are usually classified into transplant glomerulopathy and posttransplant glomerulonephritis. The latter is subdivided into donor-related, de novo, and recurrent glomerulonephritis. We report a distinctive posttransplant glomerular lesion that does not fit into any diagnostic category mentioned(More)
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