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1.0 Background The Cape Cod yellowtail flounder stock was at low biomass and was overexploited in 1999 (SSB was 1,900 mt and fully recruited F was 0.31; Cadrin and King 2001). This report updates catch and survey indices and estimates 2001 fishing mortality and 2002 stock size. In August 2002, the Southern Demersal Working Group concluded that Cape Cod and(More)
The SCAN test utilizes a pre-recorded tape, with carrier phrase and target words spoken by an American English speaker, to screen for central auditory processing disorders in children. The aim of the present study was to establish whether the normative data, derived from American school children, are applicable to a UK primary school population. The SCAN(More)
In 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration established an air traffic performance-based organization called the Air Traffic Organization (ATO). The purpose of this paper was to combine data from the former ATS, ARA, and AOZ organizations from the 2003 Employee Attitude Survey (EAS) into the appropriate post-ATO service units to establish a baseline for(More)
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