Janine Halder

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This study discusses the occurrence and environmental risk associated with a micropollutant plume originating from the direct discharge of treated wastewater into the Vidy Bay of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The temporal variations and spatial extent of the plume and its effect on the presence of 39 pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants in the Vidy Bay(More)
To estimate potential impact of climate change on wheat fusarium ear blight, simulated weather for the A1B climate change scenario was imported into a model for estimating fusarium ear blight in central China. In this work, a logistic weather-based regression model for estimating incidence of wheat fusarium ear blight in central China was developed, using(More)
Waters were sampled monthly from a profile at the wastewater outlet and a reference point in the Bay of Vidy (Lake Geneva) for a year. The samples were analyzed for (18)O/(16)O of water, (13)C/(12)C of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), major ions, and selected micropollutant concentrations. δ(18)O values, combined with the major ion concentrations, allowed(More)
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