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Collagen (soluble bovine tendon type I) coated onto microtiter plates binds von Willebrand antigen (vW:Ag) in a dose-dependent manner. An ELISA test was set up with both antibody and collagen coated microtiter plates. Test specimens assayed were: 1) normal plasmas, 2) type I vW plasmas, 3) type IIa vW plasmas, and 4) factor VIII concentrates (KoateR,(More)
Income inequality undermines societies: The more inequality, the more health problems, social tensions, and the lower social mobility, trust, life expectancy. Given people's tendency to legitimate existing social arrangements, the stereotype content model (SCM) argues that ambivalence-perceiving many groups as either warm or competent, but not both-may help(More)
This study examines the interactive relationship between three dimensions of safety climate (management commitment to safety, priority of safety, and pressure for production), and their impact on risk behavior reported by employees. The sample consisted of 623 employees from a chemical manufacturing organization in South Africa. Hierarchical regression(More)
The radioenzymatic determination of plasma catecholamines with a modification of the method of da Prada & Zürcher ((1976), Life Sci 19, 1161-1174) is described. The several reaction steps were optimized with respect to the quantities of substrate and enzyme, and reaction time. There were particular methodological difficulties concerning the blanks, which(More)
Consistent with social role theory's assumption that the role behavior of men and women shapes gender stereotypes, earlier experiments have found that men's and women's occupancy of the same role eliminated gender-stereotypical judgments of greater agency and lower communion in men than women. The shifting standards model raises the question of whether a(More)
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