Janine Avemary

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The aim of the present study was the investigation of the mechanism, by which bradykinin B(2) receptor stimulation evokes an increase of the cytosolic Ca(2+) concentration in rat submucosal plexus. In ganglionic cells within the intact submucosal plexus, the Ca(2+)-response evoked by bradykinin was suppressed by Ni(2+), suggesting that Ca(2+) enters the(More)
Bradykinin acts as an inflammatory mediator in the gut. In the present study we characterized bradykinin-induced changes in the intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) in whole-mount submucosal preparations from rat distal colon and examined the bradykinin receptors and subsequent signalling cascades involved. Bradykinin (2.10(-10)-2.10(-7)mol/l)(More)
AIMS Despite knowledge about the impact of brain inflammation on hippocampal neurogenesis, data on the influence of virus encephalitis on dentate granule cell neurogenesis are so far limited. Canine distemper is considered an interesting model of virus encephalitis, which can be associated with a chronic progressing disease course and can cause symptomatic(More)
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