Janine A. Sommer

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The nucleotide receptor P2X7 has been shown to modulate LPS-induced macrophage production of numerous inflammatory mediators. Although the C-terminal portion of P2X7 is thought to be essential for multiple receptor functions, little is known regarding the structural motifs that lie within this region. We show here that the P2X7 C-terminal domain contains(More)
In clinical practice, nurses perform different activities that exceed direct care of patients, and influence workload and time administration among different tasks. When implementing changes in an electronic nursing record, it is important to measure how it affects the time committed to documentation. The objective of this study was to determine the time(More)
When a new Electronic Health Record is implemented or modifications are made, the full acceptance by end users depends on their expectations and perceptions about the possible benefits and the potential impacts on care quality. The redesign of an electronic nurse chart should consider the inherent characteristics of nurses' practice and the variables that(More)
Nursing documentation is a significant component of electronic health records nevertheless integrating a new chart into nursing activities required multiples strategies to ensure adherence. Current literature demonstrates that nurses spend part of their time performing activities no related with patients' direct care and sometimes even does not fall under(More)
UNLABELLED The benefits of Telemedicine make it a viable, reliable and useful discipline for dispensing health care. This qualitative study is aimed to understand the expectations, opinions and previous knowledge of the professionals about telemedicine at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. RESULTS Professionals realize that Telemedicine is inserted(More)
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