Janina Ullmann

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The nuclear LSm2-8 (like Sm) complex and the cytoplasmic LSm1-7 complex play a central role in mRNA splicing and degradation, respectively. The LSm proteins are related to the spliceosomal Sm proteins that form a heteroheptameric ring around small nuclear RNA. The assembly process of the heptameric Sm complex is well established and involves several smaller(More)
BACKGROUND Portal vein embolization is a treatment option to achieve a sufficient future remnant liver volume for patients with central liver tumours requiring an extended resection with an extensive parenchymal loss. However, molecular mechanisms of this intervention are up to now poorly understood. The objective of this prospective pilot study was the(More)
Seeing the big picture: Asymmetric macromolecular complexes that are NMR active in only a subset of their subunits can be prepared, thus decreasing NMR spectral complexity. For the hetero heptameric LSm1-7 and LSm2-8 rings NMR spectra of the individual subunits of the complete complex are obtained, showing a conserved RNA binding site. This LEGO-NMR(More)
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