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The isolation and partial purification from calf thymus of a soluble lymphocytopoietic factor termed thymosin has been reported.' When administered to normal mice, this factor stimulated lymphocytopoiesis as reflected by an increase in peripheral lymphoid tissue weight and augmented incorporation of labeled precursors into the DNA and protein of lymphoid(More)
Oat β-glucan has been shown to play a positive role in influencing lipid and cholesterol metabolism. However, the mechanisms behind these beneficial effects are not fully understood. The purpose of the current work was to investigate some of the possible mechanisms behind the cholesterol lowering effect of oat β-glucan, and how processing of oat modulates(More)
Oat mixed-linkage β-glucan has been shown to lower fasting blood cholesterol concentrations due notably to an increase in digesta viscosity in the proximal gut. To exert its action, the polysaccharide has to be released from the food matrix and hydrated. The dissolution kinetics of β-glucan from three oat materials, varying in their structure, composition(More)