Janina Mazierska

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Complementary singleand split-post dielectricresonator techniques were used for contactless absolute resistivity measurements of semiconductor wafers and for onwafer resistivity mapping in the range of 10−5 to 10 Ω · cm. Uncertainties of the resistivity measurements employing both techniques are in the range of 2%–4%. Permittivities of high-resistivity(More)
Cognitive radio systems and `whitespace' devices are radio systems that can use unoccupied spectrum to establish communications links. These systems, when properly implemented, would deliver an increase in the utility of the spectrum, thus increasing service delivery, without causing harmful interference to existing licensed systems. Spectrum may be(More)
Novel low loss materials are needed to achieve miniaturization and further advances in wireless communications with precisely known microwave properties. Measurements of complex permittivity of low loss dielectric materials (especially anisotropic) in a wide range of temperatures still represent a challenging issue. Accuracy of surface resistance tests of(More)
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