Janina C Vogt

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Hardly any molecular studies have been done on euendoliths of marine coastal environments, especially along the supratidal ranges of carbonate coasts. In our study, we provide a comparative sequence analysis using 454 pyrosequencing of the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene combined with extensive microscopy of the endolithic community from rock pools of the(More)
Tidal flats are extremely dynamic habitats in several environmental parameters, which enforces severe selection on their microbial inhabitants. Despite good knowledge of the species present, little is known about the temporal dynamics of their communities. Aim of the study was the investigation of cyanobacterial populations in intertidal flats of the German(More)
The Blue Lagoon is a shallow geothermal lake which contains sea- and freshwater and is extremely high in silica content. This study has provided the first in-depth molecular survey of its planktic microbial inhabitants and laid the groundwork for future environmental and physiological work. Most MiSeq sequences obtained were affiliated with(More)
Hypersaline intertidal zones are highly dynamic ecosystems that are exposed to multiple extreme environmental conditions including rapidly and frequently changing parameters (water, nutrients, temperature) as well as highly elevated salinity levels often caused by high temperatures and evaporation rates. Microbial mats in most extreme settings, as found at(More)
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