Janina A. Brenner

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Roughgarden and Sundararajan recently introduced an alternative measure of efficiency for cost sharing mechanisms. We study cost sharing methods for combinatorial optimization problems using this novel efficiency measure, with a particular focus on scheduling problems. While we prove a lower bound of Ω(logn) for a very general class of problems, we give a(More)
Classical results in economics show that no truthful mechanism can achieve budget balance and efficiency simultaneously. Roughgarden and Sundararajan recently proposed an alternative efficiency measure, which was subsequently used to exhibit that many previously known cost sharing mechanisms approximate both budget balance and efficiency. In this work, we(More)
Mehta, Roughgarden, and Sundararajan recently introduced a new class of cost sharing mechanisms called acyclic mechanisms. These mechanisms achieve a slightly weaker notion of truthfulness than the well-known Moulin mechanisms, but provide additional freedom to improve budget balance and social cost approximation guarantees. In this paper, we investigate(More)
The problem of sharing the cost of a common infrastructure among a set of strategic and cooperating players has been the subject of intensive research in recent years. However, most of these studies consider cooperative cost sharing games in an offline setting, i.e., the mechanism knows all players and their respective input data in advance. In this paper,(More)
We consider a special case of the directed subgraph homeomorphism or topologicalminor problem,where the host graph has a specific regular structure. Given an acyclic directed pattern graph, we are looking for a host graph of minimal height which still allows for an embedding. This problem has applications in compiler design for certain coarse-grain(More)
We discuss the problem of simultaneously scheduling, binding and routing a given data flow graph to a coarse-grain architecture consisting of identical processing elements (PEs) that are connected by a nearest-neighbour mesh-like interconnection network. While there are heuristics trying to solve this problem, we develop the first exact method based on(More)
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