Janiece E Desocio

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An integrative review of literature was undertaken to examine the impact of children's mental health on their school success. The literature confirmed a confluence of problems associated with school performance and child and adolescent mental health. Poor academic functioning and inconsistent school attendance were identified as early signs of emerging or(More)
Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a complex and heritable eating disorder characterized by dangerously low body weight. Neither candidate gene studies nor an initial genome-wide association study (GWAS) have yielded significant and replicated results. We performed a GWAS in 2907 cases with AN from 14 countries (15 sites) and 14 860 ancestrally matched controls as(More)
A mental health education program designed by school nurses for children ages 10- 12 was developed in 2000-2001 and expanded with broader distribution in 2004-2005. Six classroom sessions, each 45 minutes in length, provided information and activities to increase children's awareness of mental health and illness. Education program content included facts(More)
A theoretical review provides a rationale for examining self-agency as a developmental foundation underlying processes of self-regulated change and a potential moderator of intervention effectiveness among participants in a nurse home-visitation program. Self-agency is defined as the conceptual understanding of self as an agent capable of shaping motives,(More)
TOPIC Narrative psychotherapy with children and adolescents. PURPOSE To demonstrate the integration of developmental theory with narrative approaches to psychotherapy as a means of accessing self-development during childhood and adolescence. SOURCES Published literature and the author's experience in using narrative therapy with an 8-year-old and his(More)
PURPOSE The aims of this paper are to synthesize and report research findings from neuroscience and epigenetics that contribute to an emerging explanatory framework for advanced practice psychiatric nursing. CONCLUSIONS Discoveries in neuroscience and epigenetics reveal synergistic mechanisms that support the integration of psychotherapy,(More)
Pregnancy among unmarried adolescents has been linked to negative personal control beliefs. In contrast, self-agency beliefs about control over future possibilities have been linked to delay in subsequent childbearing. In this secondary analysis, we examined factors associated with self-agency change in 429 unmarried adolescent mothers from intervention and(More)
TOPIC The neurobiology of risk and pre-emptive interventions for anorexia nervosa. PURPOSE This article is based on a presentation at the March 2012 annual conference of the International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses. SOURCES A review of literature and clinical practice experience. CONCLUSIONS Advances in genetics and neuroimaging(More)
Dong Li1, Xiao Chang1, John J. Connolly1, Lifeng Tian1, Yichuan Liu1, Elizabeth J. Bhoj1, Nora Robinson1, Debra Abrams1, Yun R. Li1, Jonathan P. Bradfield1, Cecilia E. Kim1, Jin Li1, Fengxiang Wang1, James Snyder1, Maria Lemma1, Cuiping Hou1, Zhi Wei1, Yiran Guo 1, Haijun Qiu1, Frank D. Mentch1, Kelly A. Thomas1, Rosetta M. Chiavacci1, Roger Cone2,5,(More)