Janie Pumphrey

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We have purified the human T-cell growth factor (interleukin-2) receptor and have cloned, sequenced and expressed cDNAs corresponding to this receptor. We identify one gene, but two interleukin-2 receptor mRNAs which differ in their polyadenylation signals. We have isolated an additional cDNA that may correspond to an alternatively spliced mRNA that lacks a(More)
Normal mast cells can be propagated in culture when medium is supplemented with interleukin-3 (IL-3). We demonstrate that Abelson-MuLV (Ab-MuLV) infection of mast cells eliminates dependence on IL-3 for growth. By contrast, Harvey, BALB, and Moloney MSV, which also productively infect mast cells, are unable to relieve IL-3 dependence. Ab-MuLV-induced(More)
A group of eight IgM hybridoma proteins induced with beta(1,6)-D-galactan-containing antigens has been characterized in terms of primary amino acid sequence and idiotype expression. The H chain amino acid sequences reveal very strong homology in the VH segment although several substitutions are seen that suggest the occurrence of somatic mutation in these(More)
UNLABELLED ESTminer is a Web application and database schema for interactive mining of expressed sequence tag (EST) contig and cluster datasets. The Web interface contains a query frame that allows the selection of contigs/clusters with specific cDNA library makeup or a threshold number of members. The results are displayed as color-coded tree nodes, where(More)
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