Janie Hopkins

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This is the second edition of this publication. In this edition, the staff of the Texas Water Development Board have added several significant new pieces of information and have modified others as more information becomes available in this rapidly changing field. This has resulted in a text which differs somewhat from the original text written by the Center(More)
Hooded Lister/Cbi rats bearing the HSN.TC fibrosarcoma produced a high-titre non-complement-binding IgG antibody, and tests in vitro indicated that the syngeneic antibody was specific for this tumour. About 1.4 X 10(5) antibody molecules were bound per cell, a figure one eighth that for cells treated with a high-titre allo-antiserum. When tumour-bearer(More)
Antigen-specific trapping of recirculating lymphocytes in vivo increases the number of immunocompetent cells available for the induction of the immune response. This recruitment of specific cells into lymphoid tissue also results in their selective depletion from the recirculating lymphocyte pool (RLP) x (1). Experimental evidence for this is shown by the(More)
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