Janid Blanco Kiely

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The Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 program conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has resulted in a Virtual Integration Environment (VIE) that provides a common development platform for researchers and clinicians that design, model and build prosthetic limbs and then integrate and test them with patients. One clinical need that(More)
Two experiments explored individual differences in memory and comprehension for adults presented information on television. Experiment 1 tested the correlation between comprehension of television and reading with young adults. The ability to comprehend these two forms of media was significantly correlated (r = .69). This finding is contrary to results from(More)
Our goal was to geometrically validate the use of mega-voltage orthogonal scout images (MV topograms) as a fast and low-dose alternative to mega-voltage computed tomography (MVCT) for daily patient localization on the TomoTherapy system. To achieve this, anthropomorphic head and pelvis phantoms were imaged on a 16-slice kilo-voltage computed tomography(More)
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