Janico Greifenberg

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This paper presents a publish/subscribe-based multicast distribution infrastructure for DTN-based opportunistic networking environments. The distribution approach is designed to combine an effective distribution of content to interested nodes in the presence of resource constraints, mobility and unstable connectivity. By considering local resource(More)
Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN) provides a platform for applications in environments where end-to-end paths may be highly unreliable or do not exist at all. In many applications such as distributed wikis or photo sharing, users need to be able to find content even when they do not know an unambiguous identifier. In order do bring these applications to the(More)
We present an architecture for scalable DTN communication in sparsely populated areas. Our approach is based on Uni-DTN, a unidirectional DTN convergence layer that we have developed for unicast and multicast distribution of DTN bundles. In this paper, we discuss possible application scenarios, present a suitable distribution architecture and the Uni-DTN(More)
Internet Media Guides (IMGs) are a generalisation of Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) as known from digital video broadcasting (DVB). They are independent of specific metadata formats and thus are able to support a broad range of applications, including EPG distribution for TV networks and distribution of session descriptions for Internet-based multimedia(More)
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