Janice Tomakowsky

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Evaluated the effects of stress management training (SMT) for adolescents with diabetes in a 9-month controlled treatment-outcome study. Nine patients were randomly assigned to a stress management group while another 10 patients served as controls and received standard outpatient treatment. The treatment program consisted of 10 sessions over 3 months, 3(More)
Although alexithymia is found in patients with various somatic disorders, it is unclear whether alexithymia is related to organic disease, or just to illness behavior. In 2 studies of patients, the authors related alexithymia (using the Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20 for assessment) to both subjective reports and biomedical measures of disease. In Study I,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined associations of two types of optimism (Peterson and Seligman's optimistic explanatory style and Scheier and Carver's dispositional optimism) with each other as well as with symptoms and immune status among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected men. METHOD We related both types of optimism to HIV symptoms and to CD4(More)
Pelvic and urogenital pain is complex and highly prevalent in women, and increased attention to psychosocial influences can guide more effective treatments. This study tested the hypothesis that social constraints (the perception that close others inhibit, discourage, or dissuade a person from disclosing one’s feelings or talking about one’s problems) would(More)
AIMS To examine the relationship between coexisting depressive symptoms and outcomes after staged neuromodulation procedures for refractory urological symptoms. METHODS Adults who enrolled in a prospective database and completed a Personal Health Questionnaire Depression Scale (PHQ-8) at baseline were reviewed. The PHQ-8 and Generalized Anxiety Disorder(More)
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