Janice Sim

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P2X receptors are ion channels gated by extracellular ATP. We report here cloning of a P2X(2) receptor splice variant (P2X(2-2)) carrying a 207 bp deletion in the intracellular C-terminus and the analysis of the corresponding genomic structure of the P2X(2) gene. P2X(2-2) is as highly expressed as the original P2X(2) sequence in various tissues.(More)
The action of the endogenous divalent cation zinc on Ca2+ and Ca2(+)-dependent currents was studied in rat hippocampal CA1 and CA3 neurons in vitro, by means of a single electrode voltage clamp technique. Bath application of zinc (0.5-1 microM) produced a small membrane depolarization associated with an increase in synaptic noise and cell excitability and a(More)
Recruitment of spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) proteins by an unattached kinetochore leads to SAC activation. This recruitment is licensed by the Mps1 kinase, which phosphorylates the kinetochore protein Spc105 at one or more of its six MELT repeats. Spc105 then recruits the Bub3-Bub1 and Mad1-Mad2 complexes, which produce the inhibitory signal that(More)
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