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Background. The diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease is usually made in neonates but often considered in older infants and children with constipation: these children may be referred for barium enema. Since it is widely accepted that a normal barium enema does not exclude Hirschsprung's disease, some children, after a normal enema, undergo more invasive(More)
Purpose: Chloroquinoxaline sulfonamide (CQS) was one of the first agents identified by the human tumor colony-forming assay (HTCFA) as possessing antitumor activity in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Prior phase I studies had suggested that plasma concentrations equivalent to those showing efficacy in the HTCFA could be reliably attained in humans. This(More)
A micromachined system has been developed for reducing the vibration sensitivity of surface transverse wave (STW) resonators. The isolation system consists of a support platform for mounting the STW resonator, four support arms, and a support rim. The entire isolation system measures 8 mm by 9 mm by 0.4 mm without the resonator mounted on the platform. The(More)
effects of forskolin and phosphodiesterase-I inhibitors. Bas Res Cardiol 1989;84(suppl 1): 197-212. 27 Mitrovic V, Thorman J, Neuzner J, Bahavar H, Volz M, Dieterich HA, et al. Hemodynamic, antiischemic, and neurohumoral effects of enoximone in patients with coronary artery disease. Am HeartJ 1989;117:106-11. 28 Colson P. Angiotensin-converting enzyme(More)
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