Janice N West

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The present investigation examined differential patterns in executive functions of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; no diagnosed comorbid disorders) according to subtype and gender, and identified instrumentation sensitive to executive function in children aged 6 to 12 years with ADHD. Data were obtained from 94 children(More)
Prior small studies have shown multiple benefits of frequent nocturnal hemodialysis compared to conventional three times per week treatments. To study this further, we randomized 87 patients to three times per week conventional hemodialysis or to nocturnal hemodialysis six times per week, all with single-use high-flux dialyzers. The 45 patients in the(More)
The potential role of different subsets of APCs to stimulate naive CD4+ T cells to peptide and protein Ags in vivo was examined. Mice lacking B cells (microMT knockout mice) were impaired in their priming to protein but not peptide Ags, suggesting a requirement for B cells in priming to protein Ags in vivo. Experiments designed to determine the ability of(More)
In a recent theoretical model of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Barkley (1997a) predicted that ADHD children experience impairments in their psychological sense of time. This was demonstrated in a series of experiments by Barkley, Koplowicz, Anderson, and McMurray (1997). The present study sought to investigate the effects of ADHD subtype,(More)
HYPOTHESIS Survival following massive transfusion in patients who have undergone trauma has improved during the past 10 years. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Academic level I trauma center in an urban community. PATIENTS All patients who underwent trauma and who received greater than 50 U of packed red blood cells or whole blood in the 48(More)
CD4 T cell clones have been shown to be functionally heterogeneous in the mouse. However, it is not known if normal CD4 T cells are also functionally heterogeneous, or whether functional specialization is a result of cloning and long-term culture. To approach this question, a monoclonal antibody reacting with a subset of CD4 T cells has been prepared by(More)
1. In order to increase our understanding of the central regulation of human cardiac vagal motoneurones we studied the interaction between two opposing influences on cardiac vagal tone, one related to diving and the other to exercise. 2. The heart rate response to cooling the face (0 degrees C, trigeminal cutaneous receptor stimulation, TGS) and to a brief(More)
The effect of quinapril on blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR) and their variabilities in 12 patients with severe congestive heart failure (New York Heart Association class III and IV) was assessed using ambulatory electrocardiographic and intraarterial monitoring. Mean +/- standard deviation daytime BP was 122/75 +/- 20/15 mm Hg at baseline and 113/70 +/-(More)
T cells can be subdivided based on cell surface markers, MHC restriction, function, and production of soluble factors. Analysis of the ability of cloned, Ia-restricted, L3T4+ T cells to induce an in vitro anti-hapten antibody response to hapten-carrier conjugates allowed the definition of three functional subtypes. To examine whether these functional(More)
A panel of two physicians and two ophthalmologists examined 25 patients with untreated essential hypertension by direct ophthalmoscopy and assessment of fundal photographs; daytime ambulatory sphygmomanometric blood pressure monitoring, estimation of left ventricular mass by electrocardiography and two-dimensional echocardiography, and measurement of(More)