Janice McGuinness

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This paper describes the process and outcomes of a study to develop a tool to measure nurses' knowledge of palliative care. The development of the palliative care quiz for nursing (PCQN) entailed the convening of an advisory committee, a wide process of consultation, the development of a conceptual framework, determination of format, generating of items and(More)
During recent years considerable legislative attention has been focused on food packaging materials, especially plastics, and in a number of countries extensive legislation has been formulated. Such legislation often takes the form of a positive list of permitted substances accompanied either by compositional limits or migration limits in foods or stimulant(More)
BACKGROUND In 2008, the incidence of hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) continued to increase on a neuroscience unit that included both neurosurgical and neurological patients in a 14-bed intensive care unit, and in a 18-bed floor unit. METHODS To reduce HAPUs, several changes were instituted in 2008; (1) turning patients every 1-2 h/repositioning,(More)
Plastics additives and processing aids present severe difficulties for the legislator attempting to establish meaningful controls. In many cases information both on the substances added to the plastic and on the species migrating into food, which may well be different, are lacking. In the studies reported, information has been sought on the actual(More)
In the European Community regulatory approaches adopted by individual Member States to the control of food contact plastics differ markedly and, as a result, the European Commission has identified a need for harmonized legislation in this sector. The Commission requested its Scientific Committee for Food to advise on the toxicity of monomers and other(More)
In the UK, as in other countries, it has been recognized for many years that it is essential to control contamination from food contact plastics. However, experience has demonstrated that such control can be exercised effectively and efficiently without recourse to extensive legislation. This has been achieved by means of a basic legislative framework(More)
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