Janice M. Tarrant

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Myopic observers may not benefit to the same extent as emmetropes from adaptive optics (AO) correction in a visual acuity (VA) task. To investigate this, we measured AO-corrected VA in 10 low myopes and 9 emmetropes. Subjects were grouped by refractive error. Mean spherical equivalent refractive error was -2.73 D (SEM = 0.35) for the myopes and 0.04 D (SEM(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate some of the methods used to calculate objective refractions from wavefront aberrations, to determine their applicability for accommodation research. A wavefront analyzer was used to measure the ocular aberrations of 13 emmetropes and 17 myopes at distance, and 4 near target vergences: 2, 3, 4, and 5 D. The(More)
An adaptive controller is developed for adjusting robot arm parameters while manipulating payload_of-unknown moss and inertia. The controller is tested experimentally in a masterlslave configuration where the adaptive slave arm is commanded via human operator inputs from a master. Kinematically similar six-joint master and slave arms are used with the last(More)
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