Janice Lindsay

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  • J S Lindsay
  • 1975
A cohort of 54 mothers with puerperal psychoses admitted between 1965 and 1969 to a joint mother and baby short stay treatment programme is reported with a follow-up at the end of 1973. The outcomes indicate that this treatment routine is as satisfactory as other programmes. Those who, for various reasons, did not complete the joint programme of treatment(More)
Administered measures of assertion, social assertion, aggression, and social anxiety to a heroin-addicted population, psychotic outpatients, court-referred drug users and a college student group (N = 114). The addicts and court-referred drug patients were less assertive, less socially assertive, and more socially anxious than non-addict populations.(More)
The major theories and research approaches as to the etiology and development of stuttering are reviewed from a historical perspective. Findings are drawn from different sources indicating that language deficits are an initial contributing factor and a continuing component of this disorder. Those subsets of children which constitute high-risk groups are(More)
The evidence of the major physical sciences' developments, based on their primary reductionist analyses, including nuclear power, analysis of the gene DNA, the creation of new chemical structures etc, is around us and self evident in our daily social life. This reductionist model can be seen in the doctor treating the disease as such and/or its specific(More)
Between 1965-1972 244 individual mothers were admitted on 283 occasions accompanied by 287 children to a general hospital unit. This cohort has been followed up to ascertain re-admission to any New Zealand psychiatric facility for two follow-ups at 1-8 years and 5-12 years. A postal survey of attitudes was also carried out. The content of the replies has(More)