Janice L.Y. Mong

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OBJECTIVE To explore the genetic effect of the GH receptor (GHR) on obesity and related metabolic parameters in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. CONTEXT Obesity is a growing global epidemic. Increasing evidence suggests that the GH-IGF-I axis plays an important role in regulating adiposity and insulin sensitivity. DESIGN We examined the associations of(More)
OBJECTIVE Childhood obesity is a growing global epidemic. Recent studies indicate that obesity and related metabolic traits are highly heritable. Increasing evidence suggests that growth hormone (GH) and the insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) axis have important functions in regulating adiposity and insulin sensitivity. Five single-nucleotide(More)
To understand the molecular events of ovarian development in penaeid shrimp, RNA arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction (RAP-PCR) was used to identify differentially expressed genes during ovarian maturation in Metapenaeus ensis. From a screening of 700 clones in a cDNA library of the shrimp ovary by the products of RAP-PCR of different maturation(More)
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