Janice L. Bryan

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We report genetic characterization of isochromosome 18p using a combination of cytogenetic and molecular genetic methods, including multiplex fluorescent PCR. The patient was referred for chorionic villus sampling (CVS) due to advanced maternal age and maternal anxiety. The placental karyotype was 47,XX,+mar, with the marker having the appearance of a small(More)
Common names: Neosho madtom (T). Conservation status: Listed federally as threatened 22 May 1990 (USFWS 1991). Identification: One of 25 madtom species, distinguished from four madtoms in its range by two distinct crescent-shaped bands of pigment on caudal fin and lack of dark pigment extending to edge of adipose fin (Taylor 1969). Pectoral spines have(More)
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