Janice Kwan-Wai Leung

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Social network contents are not limited to text but also multimedia. Dailymotion, YouTube, and MySpace are examples of successful sites which allow users to share videos among themselves. Due to the huge amount of videos, grouping videos with similar contents together can help users to search videos more efficiently. Unlike the traditional approach to group(More)
While new media analysts insist that mobile games will " replace ringtones, logos and other mobile phone personalisation services as one of the key drivers of the handset market " (Finn, 2005, p.32; Edwards, 2006), it should come as no surprise that the North American game industry has been relentless in trying to capitalize on the buzz and hype surrounding(More)
Music and singers are influential in local society. An in-depth study on singers is beneficial to various sectors. However, the evolutional characteristic and the daunting complexity of the interrelationship among singers made the problem technically intriguing. In this paper, we present a novel commentary-based social network analysis (CBSNA) methodology(More)
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