Janice Kiely

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We describe the detection characteristics of a device the Resonant Coil Magnetometer (RCM) to quantify paramagnetic particles (PMPs) in immunochromatographic (lateral flow) assays. Lateral flow assays were developed using PMPs for the measurement of total prostate specific antigen (PSA) in serum samples. A detection limit of 0.8 ng/mL was achieved for total(More)
In this article a new approach to planning of a nonholonomic motion is presented. A flexible, intelligent planner based on a static map and the topology of the robot's environment has been developed. The approach uses 'particles' to construct automatically a path between two given locations. The generated path is a smooth trajectory, where the length of the(More)
The use of industrial scale experimental machinery robot systems such as the Mitsubishi RV-2AJ manipulator in research to experimentally prove new theories is a great opportunity. The robot manipulator communications and control framework written in Java simplifies the use of Mitsubishi robot manipulators and provides communication between a personal(More)
A novel, integrated lysis and immunoassay methodology and system for intracellular protein measurement are described. The method uses paramagnetic particles both as a lysis agent and assay label resulting in a rapid test requiring minimal operator intervention, the test being homogeneous and completed in less than 10 min. A design study highlights the(More)
The manufacturing industry today is still focused on the maximization of production. A possible development able to support the global achievement of this goal is the implementation of a new support system for trajectory-planning, specific for industrial robots. This paper describes the trajectory-planning algorithm, able to generate trajectories manageable(More)
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