Janice H. Nickel

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The fast improvements that have been realized over the past 3 years in the understanding of the materials science, physics and engineering of memristors are briefly reviewed. The electroforming phenomena and the associated importance for the understanding of novel device structures has been revealed from a materials science standpoint, complemented with a(More)
Memristive devices with fast speed, low-energy, high endurance and small footprint have attracted significant attention recently. In this article, we first briefly introduce the switching mechanisms and then discuss possible applications with these devices, including memory, logic and neuromorphic computing. Finally, the promises and challenges of these(More)
The development of microcrystalline diodes grown at low temperature by PECVD techniques is reported. Current densities near 200 A/cm at + 2 V, and rectification ratios on the order of 10 at +/1V and 10 at +/2V were obtained. The reverse currents were in the nanoampere range. Correlations between deposition cond itions and film quality are presented. The(More)
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