Janice Griffiths

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Previous studies have shown that a cationic water-soluble pyridinium zinc phthalocyanine (PPC) is a powerful photosensitizer that is able to inactivate Escherichia coli. In the current work incubation of E. coli cells with PPC in the dark caused alterations in the outer membrane permeability barrier of the cells, rendering the bacteria much more sensitive(More)
Three substituted zinc (II) phthalocyanines (one anionic, one cationic and one hydrophobic) have been compared to two clinically used photosensitisers, 5,10,15,20-tetra (m-hydroxyphenyl) chlorin (mTHPC) and polyhaematoporphyrin (PHP), as potential agents for photodynamic therapy (PDT). Oxygen-consumption experiments, performed to follow the photo-oxidation(More)
Four novel zinc (II)-substituted phthalocyanines, varying in charge and hydrophobicity, were evaluated in vivo as new photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy. Two rat tumours with differing vascularity were used: a mammary carcinoma (LMC1) and a fibrosarcoma (LSBD1), with vascular components six times higher in the latter (10.8%+/-1.5) than in the former(More)
The ability of 5-aminolaevulinic acid and some of its esterified derivatives to induce porphyrin accumulation has been examined in CaNT murine mammary carcinoma cells growing in culture and as tumours in vivo. Topical or intravenous administration of 5-aminolaevulinic acid-esters to mice bearing subcutaneous tumours produced lower porphyrin levels in the(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a developing approach to the treatment of solid tumours which requires the combined action of light and a photosensitizing drug in the presence of adequate levels of molecular oxygen. We have developed a novel series of photosensitizers based on zinc phthalocyanine which are water-soluble and contain neutral (TDEPC), positive(More)
We thank the SSHRC for financial support. 1 Children in the UK and Australia started school younger than those in the US or Canada. 1 Over the last one hundred and fifty years, the quantity of formal education provided for most children has risen dramatically. At any time, school enrollment rates have varied substantially across countries, and within(More)
Progress towards a global nuclear liability regime State of the art in radiological protection science The economics of the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle GIF's role in developing the nuclear technologies of the future and more... Contents NEA News is published twice yearly in English and French by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. The opi nions expressed(More)
This project was designed to enhance the capability of teachers to provide relevant and accurate advice about engineering careers ‎ in collaboration with National Grid. A newly developed continuing professional development session was delivered to 52 science and technology teachers to enhance their knowledge and confidence with regard to offering advice and(More)
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