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An enzyme catalyzing the formation of a cytokinin metabolite, an O-pentosyl derivative of zeatin [Lee, Y. H., Mok, M. C., Mok, D. W. S., Griffin, D. A. & Shaw, G. (1985) Plant Physiol. 77, 635-641], was isolated from Phaseolus vulgaris embryos. Of all the potential pentose donors tested, UDP-xylose was the only substrate recognized by the enzyme. This(More)
A phenotypic screen was employed to isolate Arabidopsis plants that are deficient in their ability to utilize or sense acetate. The screening strategy, based on resistance to the toxic acetate analogue monofluoroacetic acid, was adapted from one that has been used successfully to identify important metabolic and regulatory genes involved in acetate(More)
This paper presents a novel technique to enable over-body propagation at 60 GHz. A flexible material has been created that enables the propagation of surface waves around the body without the need of repeaters, high powers or high gain antennas. The solution is wireless and self-redundant, and will facilitate the development of light weight, high bandwidth,(More)
Zeatin metabolites were isolated from seedcoats and pod tissues of Phaseolus vulgaris and P. lunatus. The differences observed previously between P. vulgaris and P. lunatus embryos, i.e. the formation of O-ribosyl derivatives in the former and O-glucosyl derivatives in the latter, could also be detected in seedcoats, although the levels of these metabolites(More)
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