Janice C. Lee

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A 65 nm resilient circuit test-chip is implemented with timing-error detection and recovery circuits to eliminate the clock frequency guardband from dynamic supply voltage and temperature variations as well as to exploit path-activation probabilities for maximizing throughput. Two error-detection sequential (EDS) circuits are introduced to preserve the(More)
We demonstrate Mach-Zehnder-type interferometry in a superconducting flux qubit. The qubit is a tunable artificial atom, the ground and excited states of which exhibit an avoided crossing. Strongly driving the qubit with harmonic excitation sweeps it through the avoided crossing two times per period. Because the induced Landau-Zener transitions act as(More)
We measured the intrawell energy relaxation time tau(d) approximately 24 micros between macroscopic quantum levels in the double well potential of a Nb persistent-current qubit. Interwell population transitions were generated by irradiating the qubit with microwaves. Zero population in the initial well was then observed due to a multilevel decay process in(More)
We have implemented a resonant circuit that uses a SQUID as a flux-sensitive Josephson inductor for qubit readout. In contrast to the conventional switching current measurement that generates undesired quasiparticles when the SQUID switches to the voltage state, our approach keeps the readout SQUID biased along the supercurrent branch during the(More)
DEDD, a highly conserved and ubiquitous death effector domain containing protein, exists in non, mono, and diubiquitinated forms. We previously reported that endogenous unmodified DEDD is only found in nucleoli and that mono- and diubiquitinated DEDD associate with caspase-3 in the cytosol suggesting that ubiquitination may be important to the apoptosis(More)
We combine Hα emission-line and infrared continuum measurements of two samples of nearby galaxies to derive dust attenuation-corrected star formation rates (SFRs). We use a simple energy balance based method that has been applied previously to HII regions in the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey (SINGS), and extend the methodology to integrated(More)
A nonlinear resonant circuit comprising a SQUID magnetometer and a shunting capacitor is studied as a readout scheme for a persistent-current qubit. The flux state of the qubit is detected as a change in the Josephson inductance of the SQUID magnetometer, which in turn mediates a shift in the resonant frequency of the readout circuit. The nonlinearity and(More)
An unresolved question in galaxy evolution is whether the star formation histories of low mass systems are preferentially dominated by starbursts or modes that are more quiescent and continuous. Here, we quantify the prevalence of global starbursts in dwarf galaxies at the present epoch, and infer their characteristic durations and amplitudes. The analysis(More)