Janice Bradford

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The Cognitive Walkthrough methodology was developed in an effort to bring cognitive theory closer to practice; to enhance the design and evaluation of use interfaces in industrial settings. For the first time, small teams of professional developers have used this method to critique three complex software systems. In this paper we report evidence about how(More)
Statistics tell us that as many as 1 in 20 members of the population will suffer a seizure at some point in their lifetime, a figure which becomes even more likely if one lives to the age of 80. Thus, a careful evidence based approach to the patient with seizure is immensely useful to the emergency physician. The authors evaluate current studies on the(More)
Cunoniaceae are represented in New Caledonia by some 90 species, all of them endemic, and the family is thus a significant element in this diverse island flora. We present a descriptive survey of floral biology for the seven genera present, covering floral structure and colour, inflorescence shape, sexual system and phenology, plus details of floral(More)
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