Janice Beran

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To threaten harm is to assault and to realise that threat is to batter. To do so intentionally for the purpose of producing injury amounts to causing harm with intent and one cannot consent to be the victim of such violence. Despite these clearly enunciated legal principles, such conduct is routinely practised in the name of sport. Boxing is widely accepted(More)
To determine the prevalence of tuberculosis infection in Switzerland, standardized tuberculin tests using 2 units of tuberculin Berna PPD RT 23, administered by specially trained personnel, were performed on school leavers in 3 Swiss cantons in 1992/1993. Of the 7036 school leavers, averaging 15 years of age, only 294 (4.18%) were not BCG-vaccinated.(More)
Ten introns interrupting the coding sequence of the mouse src protooncogene were sequenced (in total 11260 bp) and their general characteristics compared with the homologous genes in human and chicken. While the study of genome organization of the src gene was performed only in the inbred mouse strain BALB/cHeA (Mus musculus domesticus), one special region(More)
Gene 17 of Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage Phi29 is an early gene playing a role in DNA replication. Its mutant sus17(112) carries the TAA nonsense triplet at the fifth codon of the gene. We isolated and sequenced 73 spontaneous revertants producing normal-size plaques on bacteria without an informational suppressor gene. In all revertants, the TAA triplet(More)
  • J Beran
  • 1989
The paper discusses further cases of somatization (somatization disease, conversion, chronic pains) as distinct from simulation. Views of the somatization disease and conversion are based on a classification of psychopathology which has not been generally used in Czechoslovakia. The paper gives a hypothetical explanation of today's more frequent occurrence(More)