Janice A Reid

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StudiBS in Avian Biology is a series of works published by the Cooper Ornithological Society since 1978. Volumes in the series address current topics in ornithology and can be organized as monographs or multi-authored collections of chapters. Authors are invited to contact the series editor to discuss project proposals and guidelines for preparation of(More)
We are assessing the potential for current and alternative policies in the Oregon Coast Range to affect habitat capability for a suite of forest resources. We provide an example of a spatially explicit habitat capability model for northern spotted owls (Strix occidentalis caurina)to illustrate the approach we are taking to assess potential changes in(More)
The role of competition in structuring biotic communities at fine spatial scales is well known from detailed process-based studies. Our understanding of competition's importance at broader scales is less resolved and mainly based on static species distribution maps. Here, we bridge this gap by examining the joint occupancy dynamics of an invading species(More)
In this paper, we modify dynamic occupancy models developed for detection-nondetection data to allow for the dependence of local vital rates on neighborhood occupancy, where neighborhood is defined very flexibly. Such dependence of occupancy dynamics on the status of a relevant neighborhood is pervasive, yet frequently ignored. Our framework permits joint(More)
Occupancy modeling is a widely used analytical technique for assessing species distributions and range dynamics. However, occupancy analyses frequently ignore variation in abundance of occupied sites, even though site abundances affect many of the parameters being estimated (e.g., extinction, colonization, detection probability). We introduce a new model(More)
All documents listed below are incorporated by reference into EPIC's petition for rulemaking to the California Board of Forestry requesting deletion of Title 14 California Code of Regulations § 919.9(g)[939.9(g)].occurrence of northern spotted and barred owls: Accounting for detection probability differences. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations(More)
Demographic analysis of northern spotted owl populations. Pages 319–328 in Draft final recovery plan for the northern spotted owl. U.S. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations based on mitochondrial DNA sequences: gene flow, genetic structure, and a novel biogeographic pattern. Evolution 53:919–931. Genetic structure, introgression and a narrow(More)
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