Jani Paakkulainen

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Programming multicore systems is currently considered very difficult. One reason is that those are mostly constructed from the hardware point of view. Many of the processor core design solutions in contemporary constructions emphasize execution speed of a single thread. Since the memory access delay is the real bottleneck, such techniques often aim at(More)
1. Introduction As the non-recurring engineering costs of new technologies continue to rise, the importance of mass production grows. Mask costs in the million-dollar range are intolerable for low-volume products that are not targeted for high-end applications. On the other hand, Field Pro-grammable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are free from such costs, but feature(More)
We present a case study in finding optimized processor architectures for a given protocol processing application. The process involves application analysis, hardware/software partitioning and optimization, and evaluation of design quality through simulations, estimations and synthesis. The case study was targeted at processing key IPv6 routing functions at(More)
Designing a parallel computer architecture for the multi-core on chip environment involves a lot of architectural design issues. Actual hardware design based on ASIC and for demonstrational purposes on FPGA is very expensive method to study the cost of various design choices. Therefore, we have developed a software based simulator MVTsim for multi-core on(More)
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