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Global patterns of human DNA sequence variation (haplotypes) defined by common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have important implications for identifying disease associations and human traits. We have used high-density oligonucleotide arrays, in combination with somatic cell genetics, to identify a large fraction of all common human chromosome 21(More)
A preliminary investigation was conducted into possible pathways for fecal contamination to enter stormwater drains from leaky underground sewer lines in Singapore. The island's drainage channels flow into catchment reservoirs that are used to store water for future supply needs. Singapore's Public Utilities Board wishes to open up the reservoirs for(More)
Schwannomas are rare neoplasms that originate from Schwann cells. We present a case report of schwannoma of the ansa cervicalis in a patient where preoperative imaging suggested thyroid pathology. A 25-year-old man presented to the otolaryngology department with a one-year history of an asymptomatic, anterior triangle neck swelling. Imaging and FNA(More)
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