Jangwon Choi

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Since a darknet is a set of unused IP addresses(i.e., no real hosts are operated with them), we are unable to observe the network traffic on it generally. In many cases, however, attackers or infected hosts by some malwares send their attack codes to the target systems or networks at random. Because of this, the darknet gives us the good opportunity to(More)
The effort required for detecting worm viruses, that threaten the reliability and stability of network resources, is in the process of advancing, demanding increasingly sophisticated resources. Pattern-based worm virus detection systems use detection methods, which focus on pattern analysis for specific worm viruses. In the event of a different attack(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel technique for film grain noise removal, which can be adopted in high fidelity video coding. Film grain noise enhances the natural appearance of high fidelity video, therefore it is should be preserved. However, film grain noise is a burden to typical video compression systems because it has relatively large energy level in(More)
We introduce VisIDAC presented in Song at al (In: Nguyen, P.Q., Zhou, J. (eds.) Information Security—20th International Conference, ISC 2017, Security and Cryptology, vol. 10599. Springer International Publishing, 2017), which is a 3-D real-time visualization of security event log collection detected by intrusion detection systems installed in multiple(More)
With the development of cyber threats on the Internet, the number of malware, especially unknown malware, is also dramatically increasing. Since all of malware cannot be analyzed by analysts, it is very important to find out new malware that should be analyzed by them. In order to cope with this issue, the existing approaches focused on malware(More)